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Indiidual Counseling Services in Boulder, CO

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Individual counseling and psychotherapy in Boulder, CO with an experienced counselor

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The choice to enter therapy is the choice to make your self a priority. In therapy, you will confront the reality of your life and move along a path from the familiar into the unexplored. I will be your witness, your guide, and your mirror, and I will gently help you harness your confidence for the journey. While this is a very individual pilgrimage, I will make certain you never feel alone.

I provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment in which you will learn to better understand yourself. I can help you address many of life’s concerns.

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If you are:

together we may:

Therapy is often pragmatic, engaging specific questions such as:

Therapy can be esoteric, a way to explore philosophical questions such as:

United, we will ask the questions that are relevant to you. With intention, our eyes will be on the goals of: