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The basis for a well-functioning, satisfying relationship is an appreciation of the differences between individuals and mutual respect for each person’s strength and unique style. As depicted below in the photograph of a painted wall, a relationship that works well can be comprised of disparate, different colored, multi-patterned parts that, when combined, create a harmonious, beautiful whole.

Developing a strong and centered sense of self is essential to creating relationships that thrive. In an individual therapy format, that is the core of our work. I will help you to:


The people who are most important to you – partner or spouse, close friends, family members, colleagues, co-workers, boss -- may unwittingly help you relive interpersonal dynamics that exist in your original family, ineffective patterns that do not meet your needs. Until you consciously recognize and acknowledge this, and, in turn, change these patterns, the historic dynamics will remain intact, affecting your new relationships. Old patterns may make it difficult for you to:

I will help you examine, understand, and manage or change your family-of-origin patterns. Throughout, our intention will be to free you from the old ties that bind you, to help you learn to be your strongest self, and to enable you to engage in mature and satisfying relationships.