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Suzanne Holmes offers help with healing from trauma in Boulder, Colorado

I’m often asked: "What is trauma exactly?" It is very difficult to define because, just as the unique, distinguishing characteristics of our fingerprints reveal our individuality, we are each completely individual when it comes to trauma. Nonetheless, for everyone, trauma:

The power of trauma, whether recent or rooted in the past, is inexplicable. It is common to suffer intense or debilitating symptoms following a traumatic event, even if the event is not a major catastrophe. Some, but by no means all, common triggering events or causes include:

You may be suffering from a trauma response if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

There are many, many more possible symptoms. I can help you to evaluate if your personal symptoms are responses to a trauma.

I have many years of training and experience helping people heal from all types of traumatic injuries. I am certified in the well-established trauma reduction technique, EMDR* (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), as well as many other strategies and applicable interventions. With tenderness, caring, and deep regard for you as a trauma survivor, I will help you heal from the effects of trauma.

* EMDR is a psychotherapy procedure which reduces or eliminates the impact and effects of trauma.