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help for screen writers with writers block and getting in the heads of the characters

If you are a filmmaker -- screenwriter, director, or other member of the film industry -- and you are interested in receiving support for your creative endeavors, I can assist you.

I approach my work giving consideration to the following perspective: Film is a universal language which connects us by revealing basic human truths. When we engage with a movie, we may engage with ourselves and more centrally, with life experience. The action or feeling or sentiment on the screen may reach inside us and touch something personal; it may unexpectedly reflect back to us the details of our lives and teach us new ways to be, even heal us. Film may help us learn how to feel. It releases our imaginations. It may help us understand ourselves and the world around us. I believe that movies have the power to change lives.

Because I believe in the powers of film, I believe that those of you involved with the development of a film have accepted a monumentally important task: to show the truth about the human condition. I will support you in this process.

The great Swedish director, Jan Troell, captures a fundamental idea about how to confront the challenges of filmmaking. He states:


"You shouldn’t try to get too close to why – if I analyze too much I’m afraid I lose something. I just trust my backbone. You have to trust your own feeling or intuition. You have to trust yourself."

With Troell’s philosophy in mind, I will work with you to:

As part of my training to work with filmmakers, I have taken screenwriter Robert McKee’s “Story Seminar.” In my work with you, I will combine McKee’s insights about the eternal, universal forms of story with my knowledge of psychology and humanity to help you find within yourself the story that you want to tell, and the story that the world wants to see.