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Help with starting over in Boulder, Colorado

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This is the fun part of therapy. Psychological growth can be a by-product of successfully addressing specific concerns in therapy, such as grieving a loss or navigating through a transition, or it can be a journey in and of itself. The growth process involves your conscious choice to believe in your full potential as a thriving person and to actively strive for that potential. This is the most hopeful of all psychological journeys and can be highly invigorating. It is an opportunity:

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"Whether you believe you can or you cannot, you’re probably right," (attributed to Henry Ford). At times, every one of us stands in our own way. We distract ourselves from what we want and who we want to be, we sabotage our goals, and, through self-defeating behaviors and beliefs, we hinder ourselves from general growth. If you choose to enter therapy in order to grow, you are choosing to clear the pathway before you and give yourself the freedom to pursue your goals, unfettered. I would be excited to help you determine the obstacles that have been in your way and help you find ways to remove them. Together we will "believe that you CAN," and see where that belief takes you.

You will be embarking on a process of personal transformation which I consider a journey towards personal empowerment.