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Counseling through life transition in Boulder, Colorado

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Transition is the process you go through to create change. Whether you are forced into transition because it is thrust upon you or you make a deliberate, personal choice to change, the process initially is often unsettling and uncomfortable.

For almost everyone, transition can give rise to strong, unfamiliar emotions:

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While guiding you through the stages of transition, I will help you to understand your complicated emotional reactions. As none of us possesses an innate mechanism for successfully navigating change, I will teach you. I will help you orient to your new situation and help you strengthen your personal resources for growth and survival.

Life Transitions. Life’s major changes are transitions: the birth of a child, a new marriage, divorce, loss of a job, death of a loved one – any powerful, new circumstance you experience. With every change comes an opportunity to ask: “How do I deal with these new circumstances?” and “How do I want to live my life now?” Positive and negative transitions alike, it is common to find yourself questioning your identity, your purpose for being. We will work together so that you find stability in your day-to-day life and create a clear, satisfying sense of self and place in the world.

Career Transitions. Changes in employment or profession, in particular, can benefit from a very specific process of self-reflection and investigation. I consider career change to be synonymous with identity changes. I’m very well-versed in this process, and will help you find the work that reflects your identity and about which you are passionate.

Difficult as the transition process may be, consciously confronting, understanding and resolving the issues associated with your change will lead to a more satisfying life.