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About Suzanne's Counseling Practice in Boulder

Suzanne Holmes LPC Ed D

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Counseling Services in Boulder, CO

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Phone:    303-803-6234

Address: 6658 Gunpark Drive #200,                 Boulder, CO 80301

Email:     suzaholmes@gmail.com

Couples Counseling and Psychotherapy in Boulder, Colorado

I approach couples counseling with two concepts in mind:

I will help the two of you safely share your private and guarded thoughts and feelings. I will help you learn how to transform conflict and differences into opportunities for intimacy. I’ll serve as mediator, coach, or referee – whatever your particular relationship requires for change and growth.

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Depending on your needs, we will work to:

Some couples seek counseling because they simply want to strengthen a happy and well-functioning relationship. They wish to become more conscious of their interactions and mutual participation. Should this be your mission, I will help you reinforce your authentic connection.