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Counseling Services in Boulder, CO

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Address: 6658 Gunpark Drive #200,                 Boulder, CO 80301

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Counseling for depression in Boulder, Colorado

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If you are thinking about entering therapy, it’s very likely that you are asking for help with concerns that you have not been able to fully articulate, alleviate or resolve on your own.

Any of the above circumstances may indicate that you are experiencing depression or anxiety.

Depression and anxiety can lurk beneath the more concrete concerns of every day life. They can be subtle or they can be crushing in their impact. Either way, they affect your ability to cope effectively with your life. I will listen carefully to the stories about your experiences and to descriptions of your symptoms and help you determine whether depression or anxiety is a problem for you. In a collaborative effort, we will develop strategies for overcoming the condition that is troubling you.


I can help you with:

Your therapy process will be educational -- you will learn about the roots of your depression or your anxiety. Also you will learn how to release yourself from the tight grips of these seemingly relentless conditions. I will offer you caring support and understanding as well as much knowledge and wisdom about the challenges of both depression and anxiety.