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Suzanne Holmes LPC Ed D

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Counseling Services in Boulder, CO

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Phone:    303-803-6234

Address: 6658 Gunpark Drive #200,                 Boulder, CO 80301

Email:     suzaholmes@gmail.com

Welcome! Suzanne Holmes' Counseling and Psychotherapy services in Boulder, Colorado

The therapy process is a journey of self-exploration and discovery. Integrating your insight and wisdom, your willingness to trust yourself, and your choice to share, therapy will enable you to know yourself more fully. For some, therapy is a way of healing. For others, it is a process of excavation, expansion and enlightenment. For everyone, it is an enriching means of learning and growth, of becoming more self-aware and self-confident.

I provide a compassionate, kind, trusting environment. My therapeutic approach is existential, meaning I assist you in your search for identity, authentic living, and a meaningful life, while you confront your specific concerns.

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I can help you:

Together we create a mutually trusting partnership through which you will educate me about your life story. I approach our work (which may involve play and much laughter!) with tremendous belief in your strength and capacity to heal.

I offer psychological services to individual adults and couples in the larger Boulder, Colorado area.